Knowing from the Inside

The Unfinishing Of Things // Exhibition
University of Aberdeen // May to September 2017

Things are never finished. They always overflow the ends set for them; that’s how life can carry on.

If knowledge grows from practical engagement with materials, with people and with places, in what form can academic research be presented and shared with others? Alongside conventional journal articles and books, this exhibition has been an opportunity for members of the Knowing From the Inside research project to experiment with this question. Rather than communicate polished research ‘findings’, somewhat removed from life, the focus of the works presented here is on the process of research. While there is a huge diversity in individual research projects, reflecting the fact that the project’s researchers are all working with different people and practices, what unites them is the attention and value placed on a mode of working that is derived from experience, participation and conversation with others. Each exhibit, then, is an invitation to think along and with it.   

The exhibition is grouped around three modes of knowing with at the heart of the KFI project: materials at the Duncan Rice Library, place in the foyer of the MacRobert building and people in the James McKay Hall.

cane-root-stone-system Alfonso M. Cuadrado Mulero

MATERIALS: Anne Douglas, Marc Higgin, Nicola Chambury and Paolo Maccagno; Chaoïdes Collective (Alan Vergnes, Anaïs Tondeur, Germain Meulemans, Marine Legrand; Yesenia Thibault-Picazo); Elishka Stirton; Émile Kirsch; Francesca Marin; Jo Vergunst; Judith Winter; Liz Hodson; Rachel Harkness; Solid Liquid (Cris Simonetti, Judith Winter, Rachel Harkness); Stephanie Bunn.
PLACE: Alfonso M. Cuadrado Mulero and Ester Alegmane, Elizabeth Hallam, Enrico MArcore, Griet Schelderman, Jen Clarke, Paolo Gruppuso and Simona Trozzi, Rachel Harkness, Ray Lucas.
PEOPLE: Alec Finlay, Caroline Gatt, Cassis Kilian and Sven Mietzsch, Christine Moderbacher, Christelle Becholey-Bessonand Claire Vionnet, Claire Delhumeau and Valeria Lemba, Emilia Ferraro, Peter Loovers, Tim Collins and Reiko Goto, Wonderland project (Alistair Sinclair, Amanda Ravetz, Cristina Nuñez, Diane Gleave, Jayne Gosnall, Kelly Harte, Kelly Jones, Mark Prest, Michaela Jones, Nathan Aiyna-Sassen and Nikki Farrell)

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